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Cemetery Memorials and Engraved Stone Products

Whether choosing a memorial for a loved one or yourself, it can be a deeply personal experience. You are celebrating a life and deciding how to tell its story. This may be an overwhelming decision and we understand that you will have questions. We encourage you to visit or call the professionals at Watertown Memorial Co., Inc.

We are located in downtown Watertown with a spacious multi-level indoor showroom for your convenience. While our main business continues to be the sale and service of cemetery memorials, columbaria and mausoleums, we have much more to offer.

Watertown Memorial Company – More Than Stones

Memorials with Endlesss Options

When it comes to memorial stones, there are so many options – granite, color, size, style – so contact us and let us help you decide on the right memorial stone for you to represent your loved one best.

Memorial Service You Can Trust

Watertown Memorial is a local, family owned business for five generations. We service the southern Wisconsin region with pride, and our legacy of quality precedes us.

What to Expect

We work hard to create a good customer experience. We know picking the right memorial and everything that goes with it can be difficult. We are here to help.